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Magda Johnson - Evoke

Magda Johnson


Painting / Acrylic


Original acrylic painting on canvas

Size (H x W x D)
12" X 12" X 2"

Magda is a Polish-Canadian acrylic and mixed media painter. She draws her creative inspiration from the peaks and valleys of the North Shore mountains, the tides of the Salish Sea, and the windswept beaches lining the shores of Vancouver Island.

Growing up in Vancouver B.C., Magda watched her mother play with acrylics and paint local landscapes, all the while influencing her knowledge, skill, and love of art. Her lifetime of exposure to this medium makes Magda consider herself a self-taught artist whose style is constantly evolving.

Her most recent works feature notable landscape silhouettes which follow the coastline of the Sunshine Coast, Tofino and the Eastern beaches of Vancouver Island. The light and earthy hues alongside a singular feature color are often juxtaposed against a darkened landscape, allowing the observer to take in the unique form of each location. 


"Just how the tide shifts the direction of the sand by greater forces out of its control, this collection is named after the push and pull we all face when coming to a crossroads... TIDELINES represents a new path and all the ups and downs that we take to get where we want to go. Each piece in this collection is named after the ebb and flow of decision making before, during, and after we take the leap and decide to shift directions."

Magda currently lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with her two sons, husband and dog. When she’s not painting, you can find her combing the island beaches and paddle boarding along the shores.