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Alison Cuthill

It was 11 years ago that Alison Cuthill started creating bespoke jewellery for friends and family. From this hobby-turned-obsession, and the genuine desire to create honest,

inspiring jewellery for all women. Her three collections, BEAUTY, BLISS and BALANCE, represent the faces she feels each woman possesses.

Since being given her grandmother’s natural pearl necklace for her 21st birthday and hearing the story of how the Japanese women pearl divers, “AMA”, dove for the pearls in this necklace, Alison has remained fascinated by pearls. This fascination is exemplified in her jewellery where pearls are prevalent in her collections. Perfection in pearls, however, does not seem to be the goal of nature and, for Alison, the overall beauty of a pearl is often found in its irregularities. As psychologist Havelock Ellis most eloquently articulated “The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.”

“At age 13 I sold my Lego to buy my first pearl ring! I wore it every day: to school, at the weekends with jeans and a T-shirt, baking with my mum, and even fishing with my dad. This is how jewellery should be worn; with no boundaries, no societal expectations, no judgements of what should be “formal” versus “informal” jewellery. Jewelry is an extension of self which allows the wearer a chance to express her personality.”

Alison has travelled the world acquiring inspiration for her jewellery. Having lived in England, where she took her first BA Hons. in French, to France, where she attended the University of Nice and lived just outside Cannes, to Saudi Arabia, where the gold souks pulled her in like a magpie to a shiny object. She subsequently continued her education in Canada, acquiring degrees from the University of Victoria, the University of Toronto and two additional degrees from York University. Experiencing other cultures endures as a catalyst for Alison’s creativity thus, she makes travelling a priority, having recently visited, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Mexico, China, Hawaii, Bahamas and the U.S.

When not designing and fashioning jewellery, Alison dedicates her time to being a devoted professional in the noble vocation of teaching.