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Chi Cheng Lee

My work is inspired by a lifetime of cross-cultural experience and exposure to art, architecture and natural wonder.  Born in Taiwan, I grew up in New York, lived in the Orient and am now settled in Vancouver, Canada.  My art has the underlying theme of East meets West, combining Eastern traditional design sensibilities and Western modernisms that adorn the body with inherent balance and harmony.  I am a graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design and my artistic journey includes working internationally with luxury design house Harry Winston for over fifteen years.My recent work explores forms, textures and colors and relationships of lines and space.  I often work with casted forms that I make out of wax or metal originals, which are then cut and shaped in transforming new forms and functions.  My pieces are individually handcrafted from sterling silver and various karats and colors of gold, matched with adornments in pearls, semi-precious/precious stones and diamonds. 

My sense of place and coming of age were discovered when my family moved to Vancouver’s North Shore.  The natural beauty of mountains and open sea that surrounds my West Vancouver studio has deeply informed my design sensibilities and creativities.  My artistic intention is to create jewelry that possess an enduring sense of simple elegance, while revealing subtle hints of spontaneity and drama. 

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