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Maureen Ness

Maureen’s passion is to explore, paint and present the ocean waves and shore to other people. She is an environmentalist at heart, hoping our shores are going to be pristine forever. Her work is how she expresses these feelings using photography, plein- aire (onsite) and painting from photos in her studio. Maureen is a seasoned artist who specializes in creating all different sizes of watercolours and oil paintings from photographs of the Pacific coastal locations on Vancouver Island. She is prolific, with a large inventory of paintings for sale. Maureen is no stranger to the Victoria audience as her work has been shown and sold at many prestigious locations around this area. She grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and has spent most of her life developing her interest in art and began painting at the young age of eight years old.Maureen has been fortunate to study painting over the past ten years with expert painters both locally and in France.Maureen has sold her paintings to collectors all over the world.

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