Mikel Grant Jewellery is dedicated to being your hand crafted jewellery provider.Since 2001 we have been offering up beautiful, hand crafted pieces made with great attention to balance, execution and practicality.  This helps fill a common need...a need to connect with feel the weight of an object of beauty against your be able to put your story and meaning into your piece. From the overall visual aesthetic of balance and harmony to the practicality of daily use, we endeavour to achieve proportional harmony, in look and feel. Our designs are fully conceived.  "In the round" is a term we like to use.  For us, this means that every aspect of the piece needs to be considered.  An unfinished edge is sharp, a pre-made ear wire may be too small, weighted incorrectly the pendant or earring may not hang true...we finish the edges, we hand fabricate the ear wires we use, we make sure it hangs correctly.An inanimate object hand crafted with these considerations has the ability to become totemic. Our process is very traditional when it comes to metalsmithing.  We use the same hammers, anvils, mandrels, heat and files in the same form and manner as has been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  From patterning to polishing, we choose mechanical techniques avoiding toxic processes and chemicals wherever possible.Our process informs our designs to help achieve harmonious wholeness.  Because of our choices, intention and execution, our work connects us with you, and all of us to a deep, shared tradition.Mikel and Kelly do all of this together on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Together since 1989, we moved from Vancouver in 2013 to the Sunshine Coast, which has always been a haven for artists for its connection to nature.  We have created a place to share our lives and work together, crafting things we love, made for you to love.
Mikel Grant - Love Knot necklaceMikel Grant
Love Knot necklace
30" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Coast braceletMikel Grant
Coast bracelet
0" X 8"
Mikel Grant - Coast necklace chainMikel Grant
Coast necklace chain
30" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Coast 5 link necklaceMikel Grant
Coast 5 link necklace
18" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Coast trio necklaceMikel Grant
Coast trio necklace
18" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Coast earring large trioMikel Grant
Coast earring large trio
158" X 158"
Mikel Grant - Coast earrings small trioMikel Grant
Coast earrings small trio
2" X 58"
Mikel Grant - Coast earrings doubleMikel Grant
Coast earrings double
2" X 1"
Mikel Grant - Coast earrings largeMikel Grant
Coast earrings large
118" X 58"
Mikel Grant - Coast earrings smallMikel Grant
Coast earrings small
58" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Love Knot trio necklaceMikel Grant
Love Knot trio necklace
18" X 0"
Mikel Grant - Love Knot earringsMikel Grant
Love Knot earrings
0" X 0"

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