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Isako Suzuki

Isako Suzuki grew up in her father's ceramic studio in Odawara, Japan. Her father, Sansei Suzuki, is a highly regarded celadon ceramist in Japan. Isako had been initially trained in wheel-throwing by her father in the late 90s but it was only after some years of on and off relationship with pottery that she started working on a full-time basis, creating her own style of pottery. Her main focus has been Neriage, in which she originally took interest in 2008. 

Over the years, Isako continually refined the techniques that she had discovered and developed, and occasionally consulted her father for his critique and review of her completed works. Recently, her Neriage works have been selected to be included in juried exhibitions in Japan. She has been creating her Neriage pottery at her home studio in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She is also the head potter for Hermann-Suzuki Pottery.

By This Artist

Neriage vase 2

Pottery / Misc
10" X 6" X 6"

Isako Suzuki

$ 270