Ira Hoffecker is an abstract artist from Germany who lives and works in Victoria, B.C.

She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Ira's work is represented by seven galleries in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Washington State.

Ira was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. She studied French and Economics at the Muenchener Sprachen- und Dolmetscher Institut in Munich and worked as a translator in France before she became head of publicity at Warner Bros. Germany. Before Ira and her family moved to Canada in 2004, she worked as a freelance marketing consultant with her own Hamburg based company for the movie industry. Her company worked for Warner Bros., Walt Disney Company, Columbia Pictures, Constantin Film, Fox, United Artist and for several other production companies in Germany and Los Angeles. From 1987 to 2004 Ira promoted more than 520 movies.

After her professional film industry career Ira was finally able to turn intensively to what has been her lifelong interest, art. She studied art at the Vancouver Island School of Art with remarkable artists like Wendy Welch, Xane St. Phillip, John Luna, Inga Roemer and others. Before she decided that she wanted to put all her concentration on painting and to become a professional artist, she also had an opportunity to study painting independently with Sara Robichaud and Xane St.Phillip. Now she is back at the school as a part time student, in her final year and will gain her Diploma of Fine Arts in May 2013. Also Ira is taking Art History courses at Emily Carr University, Vancouver.

My paintings are informed by the identities of cities. How different societies transform places over the course of the centuries is significant in my work. I am interested in urban alterations, how new buildings replace older structures. The geometric shapes inherent in architecture and the maps relating to architectural form provide my compositional language. My work examines the relationships between people and cities by responding to reconstruction and restoration in the urban landscape. My way of understanding the identity of a city is by studying history books, city maps from different eras and by looking at its architecture through photographs, maps, and especially by experiencing the city and walking the streets.

The painting process is a reflection of the changes that take place as the city evolves. It involves using layers of resin which physically separate one layer of paint from the previous one: this application creates actual and visual depth. The process is equivalent to the layers of archaeological strata in the evolution of a city; places overlaid with multiple histories, layers of paint cover and obscure but also are informed by the previous layer. On a personal level my paintings embody how a place felt to me, with a city's atmospheres and my own memories of that place. I am translating my stories through shapes and colours, lines and edges, marks that articulate the physicality of painting. I integrate structures into my work in a way similar to that of an urban planner or architect adding elements to the urban environment.

I see myself as an observer of a city's different identities that have been built and rebuilt over the centuries. Decay, erasure, obscuring and rebuilding take place at the same time: I use painting to explore the city's evolution and add my own story to the context.

Ira Hoffecker

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