Allison Brodie Designs has been an influence in the interior design, window display and art culture in Victoria BC for many years.

Allison started her career with in-store display more than 20 years ago with the Hudson Bay Company and Gibson's Ladies Wear. During this time, Allison started her painting career, focusing her medium on detailed watercolours and very precise pieces. In the 90's Allison switched gears and started teaching children's art lessons out of her home and at Island Blue Print. She continued this for many years until in-store display once again called her name.

During her 20+ year in-store display career Allison helped create some of the most talked about window displays in Victoria with such clients as Rogers Chocolates, British Importers, and Women in Need (WIN). Allison's passion was evident in the unique displays she created.

Allison is also a talented interior designer, who has helped many home owners find their own personal style, while creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere within their homes. Her eye for colour, pattern and texture have helped inspire her artwork in recent years.

Allison is once again focusing on her artwork. Painting full time from her home in Victoria or on Salt Spring Island, Allison draws inspiration from the land, sea and nature around her. She has been focusing mainly on large, acrylic on canvas paintings, but has recently begun to experiment with other mediums and surface types.

Allison's artwork can be found in collections in the United States, Vancouver Island, Vancouver and as far away as England. 789

Most recently, Allison and her friend Kim Hollingsworth have partnered with the Abkhazi Garden and Tea House in Victoria BC to develop and feature the work of a collective of local artists. Allison has also participated in several shows at The Gallery at Matticks Farm and hopes to continue promoting her work throughout local galleries in Victoria, Salt Spring Island and Vancouver.

I once said in my life, "I'd never paint a sunset". Like many things we say, they usually come back to bite us in the you-know-what! I recently realized that I love the sky, clouds and the ends of perfect summer days Sunsets are one of the great gifts the world gives us. I think I started to realize that people want to hold onto those moments; that special feeling at the end of that perfect day, vacation, or?

I hope you enjoy my version of something so breathtaking I barely wanted to paint, but felt I must.

Along with these works a few pieces of pure fun in abstract form. A place I feel myself going more these days.

As you may have noticed, if you follow my work, I paint in many different styles. It's hard for me to settle into one "look". I feel that really isn't me. I will continue to expand and explore new ideas and I hope all of you will be part of my journey.

Allison Brodie


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