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Ronei Faganello

Your Happy Place - a collection

In this collection, Ronei takes you on a journey to your happy place. A sense of accomplishment and centeredness washes over you, as you reach the pinnacle viewpoint, leaving you in awe of the beauty before your eyes. Your focus and perception become crystal clear, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature. It's as if your senses are heightened, amplifying every sensation around you. The wind gently caresses your skin, reminding you of the power and grace that nature possesses. The sun bathes you in its warm embrace, creating a cocoon of serenity. Even colors seem more vivid and vibrant than ever before, awakening a newfound appreciation for their subtle nuances. The sound of the water whispering secrets only meant for your ears. Each painting holds a moment in time. Take a moment and bask in it. You know where you are. Your happy place is here.


Ronei (pronounced: Ron-eh) is an acrylic painter living on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Her collectors are moved by Ronei’s ability to infuse into her paintings the calm serene feeling you get when you immerse yourself in the beauty coastal rainforest she calls home. Her work resides across Canada, The United States and Europe. Noted collectors include acclaimed jazz performer Diana Krall, Tony Harris of The Tony Harris Group, and Supreme Court judge Ross Landers. Ronei’s other hats include caregiver, wife, mother, friend and cat butler. She is known for her candor and wry sense of humour, but is loved for her wisdom and immense empathy.

“I am primarily a self-taught painter. Having been raised between the edge of the rainforest and the sea in a quiet idyllic setting, my mind and body were bathed in the light and water of the Pacific Northwest. Those formative years permeate my view of my local landscape in my current work. I imbue both the serenity and intensity of my native island through this empathic lens onto the canvas. Beginning with a monochromatic underpainting to establish values, I then begin layering thin washes of acrylic paint to build depth and atmospheric representation in the sky, land and sea. In my palette you’ll find a mix of believable west coast colours and interpretive colours. My brush stroke style alternates between large expressive movement and fine detail. Through these approaches, my final work becomes a complement of realism and expressionism. My goal is to resurrect the viewer’s vivid memories of the wind on their skin, the smell of the ocean air, and the sound of sea water on sand, and to remind us all of how important it is to be still and open our senses to the majesty of nature” -Ronei

By This Artist

Into the Light

Painting / Acrylic
24" X 24" X 2"

Ronei Faganello

$ 1440