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Irma Soltonovich

"All Things Considered" My paintings are about some sort of struggle with the issues of the spirit, of mortality and direction. I contemplate all these things and the landscape is the natural place to contemplate them. It is a very personal and tangible and is based on my own personal perception and experience. My intention is to paint landscapes that evoke a universal familiarity. Memory is my creative domain. I carry my landscapes around with me. "Everything, means something" as I am in the autumn of my career. I remind myself that, "I didn't come this far to come this far" I am aware that I never really finish a painting, but at some point I have to separate from it. Each painting offers an infinite range of possibilities to explore. I settle for a sense there is more to be seen.   I present this new work and invite you to stand in my landscapes and to begin your exploration. Irma Soltonovich July 2022

To me, the act of painting encompasses all of who i am. using the simplest of line and shape, the subtlest shift of color, my goal is to evoke an emotion, a feeling, a memory… initially, for me in the doing, and then again and again for the viewer. i paint what i need to paint and am delighted when someone connects to it and it changes their landscape.”

By This Artist

Spirit of Summer

Painting / Acrylic
30" X 60" X 2"

Irma Soltonovich

$ 4150