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April Ponsford

My long held eternal fascination of nature influences all my paintings, from earliest years in Prince Rupert, and of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Aspiring to capture beyond realism an inner state seemly connected to the act of creativity, I steadily began painting in 2002 my vision of the world.  My practice marked by awareness and sensitivity to weather-beaten landscapes, textures, blurred contours; tarnished metals and the enduring auras of the intangible.  Through an acquired understanding of control with the viscosity of paint, I focus on every nuance of brushwork, palette knife, and how the interplay of colors surfaces all together.  I follow the subtleties emanating from the work itself, immersing and responding to my dedication of creating a new look in painting.  The result of my technique is unique as the eye blends all the shifting layers into a whole of soft forms and focus of movement and light.  I truly revel in creating a spiritual glow and softness contrasted with the raw and broken forms of every thought of the spirit of earthy places.  Beyond mere representation of a particular scene, to all paintings having an emotional force and resonance of a memory interpolating the viewer into earthy surroundings.  Paintings are in private and corporate collections worldwide.

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