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Roger Belley

One of Alberta’s celebrated artists, Roger Belley mines the heart and soul of the sweet air, dappled sunshine and lapping waves of his landscapes. “Spending days in the Rockies or canoeing lazy rivers” says Roger an avid outdoorsman, “can be invigorating to an artist’s soul, creating the impetus to put paintbrush to canvas”. The feelings evoked haunt the memory. His creative eye evolved during his career as a Parks’ Coordinator: Interpreting when a Red Osier Dogwood is at its reddest revealed so much about the fall and how an artist can strive to depict nature accurately. Roger discovered, at age 12, that a good landscape painting could immerse him into a world of feelings. It was a library book about Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven that set him off on his artistic journey. The honesty and romanticism of the work done by those artists affected him at a deep place that most 12 year old boys are unaware of; Thomson and the adventuresome Group of 7 became Roger’s boyhood heroes. Primarily self-taught, Roger studied at the University of Alberta as well as The Alberta College of Art. He currently lives on Vancouver Island where he shares a studio with his partner, the gifted, award-winning, multimedia artist, Joanna Drummond. Roger, together with, Joanna, has set up Cinnamon Hill Studio in North Saanich. It’s a busy, creative “hive” of activity!

An interesting thing happens when you explore the east coast of Vancouver Island. As you wander the shores of any beach, one of the many Southern Gulf Islands appears in your viewscape bedazzling us with light and colour. The smell of the sea perfumes the air while sunbursts dance on the water. Rustling grasses provide a unique soundtrack. Magical.

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