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Vikki Fuller - Ram Bunctious

Vikki Fuller

Ram Bunctious

Painting / Oil


Original oil painting on canvas - Ram Bunctious - was determined, he would never give up. The days were often too dark for the spring and rainy too, and so long, but he knew that tomorrow the meadow pasture would be full of green shoots, and warm sunshine. The barn door would open wide, and birds would arrive home, building their nests in the hayloft, and wobbly baby robins would come and sit on the fence posts once again.

Size (H x W x D)
36" X 36" X 2"

Nature holds a special place in my heart, as do animals. They are constant sources of inspiration for my work. Through painting, I seek to express aspects of the emotional connections we have to nature and animals. Living on an island off the coast of Vancouver, I feel very connected to the land and sea around me. The local seascapes inspire me in many ways. For me they capture a time and place that is both personal and familiar. Often, they will suggest a narrative, or story if you will. In my process, I usually sketch in charcoal first, to roughly work out an idea for a painting, working directly onto the canvas, occasionally referring to my photos. While painting, I will often have a fleeting thought, from a walk or a dream, that will bring me further insight for the painting. Painting allows me time each day to pause and reflect on what is most meaningful to me. I like to think that by painting the beauty of what I feel for so deeply, I can create moods for others to reflect on and enjoy. This is the true spirit of my work.