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Sandra Froher - Deep Essence I

Sandra Froher

Deep Essence I

Painting / Mixed Media


Ink, alcohol on yupo paper

Size (H x W x D)
50" X 15" X 2"
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Sandra Froher’s abstract art speaks to a realm of hidden truths. Sandra’s lived experienced and understanding of the world are articulated through abstracted and layered colours to create a visceral connection to the unseen world. Froher chooses her materials deliberately to express the outcome of her expression. Her technique is performed on YUPO paper infused with ink/alcohol and acrylic pigments.There is a cosmic vibrancy to Sandra's work. She channels energy through her body and blows air currents onto the pigments which interlace on paper. Through this process, spiraling layers begin to emerge creating a surreal mixture of opulence and otherworldliness.Sandra’s current work references the hidden miracles of the subconscious mind. Her colour palette embraces metallic tones that have become intrinsic to her undertakings. Like an alchemist guided by an innate sense of knowing, her kinetic energies are materially transformed into imagery through a seemingly magical process..