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Alanna Sparanese - As the Mist Turned Silver and the Night Blue

Alanna Sparanese

As the Mist Turned Silver and the Night Blue

Painting / Acrylic


Original acrylic painting.

Size (H x W x D)
24" X 30" X 2"

Alanna Sparanese is primarily a self taught artist inspired by the inherent beauty of the natural world. She is drawn to the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing the feeling and emotion on canvas, reflected in her luminous layers and enticingly textures. Previously known as an ‘encaustic artist’, she has returned to her roots of acrylics, excited by the change of working with this diverse medium once again! Acrylic paints, various texture pastes, and palette knives create the foundation of her work and overall style. Finding the medium versatile to work with, various elements are incorporated such as  transfers, collage, written material and texture . Applied liberally and randomly, textures are slathered onto a rigid substrate allowing the paste itself to guide and ultimately create the composition. Acrylic paints are vigorously brushed on in washes or heavy opaques…the mood and life of a painting emerges, layer by layer. Abstract landscapes, luscious in depth speak both to the visceral and tactile senses, while expansive  skies evoke a sense of mood and ever present calm. Trees and tree scapes are painted in detail with a reverence enveloped in their natural world emanating a strength and poise, invoking a sense of connection and wonder to that something greater. Within her big bright home studio you will find Alanna…painting, creating ,experimenting  and courting the muse. Outside of her studio you will find her in nature, on dog walks or by the sea.

“My artwork aims to reveal the beautiful in the everyday, the strength in the fragile, the perfection in the imperfection, and the connection between the human spirit and the natural world”.