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Alvin Ray

Ambrosia Shores

Painting / Acrylic


Original acrylic painting on a gallery wood panel, ready to hang.

Size (H x W x D)
24" X 24" X 2"

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Alvin enjoys painting and experimenting with landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract pieces. Letting go and taking shapes and color to another level is when he enjoys painting the most. He says, "Sharing my work is always a pleasure."

I’m just a dude who likes to paint and now I have my own little tree universe.  I really like painting trees and landscapes with an interesting twist.  I paint as much as possible and I experiment and play a lot.  I want my paintings to be beautiful, fun and very interesting.  

I really enjoying sharing my work and I’m so happy many of my pieces have found homes around the world.  I have a great following of super friendly people and I hope you enjoy my journey as much as me. 

Welcome to my little tree universe!