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Kylee Turunen - Ocean Shore Solitude

Kylee Turunen

Ocean Shore Solitude

Painting / Oil


Original oil painting on canvas

Size (H x W x D)
16" X 40" X 2"

Kylee is a Canadian artist, currently residing in Cochrane, Alberta. Her work is showcased in several galleries on Vancouver Island and across Canada, with her paintings collected by art enthusiasts worldwide. Growing up with constant exposure to her artist father, she developed a deep appreciation and excitement for creating art. Kylee graduated from the Fine Art program at Toronto's Centennial College in 2009 and has since honed her skills as a fine artist working with oil on canvas.

Kylee’s paintings primarily focus on Pacific Northwest seascapes, skillfully blending abstraction with realism to create a dreamlike aesthetic. Using harmonious colour schemes, she achieves a sense of balance through organic formations and contrast. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of nature, Kylee infuses each painting with positivity, inviting viewers to experience her creative vision.

Driven by the desire to continually evolve, Kylee is always eager to see what she will create next.