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Bev Robertson - You Are My Light

Bev Robertson

You Are My Light

Painting / Oil


Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Size (H x W x D)
30" X 36" X 2"

Bev was born and raised on Vancouver Island with a natural talent for art. Her talent has taken her on a lifelong journey finding various artistic outlets along the way. Her journey began working as a Hairstylist, then for many years owning a craft and painting store (specializing in teaching Folk-art) and in recent years Bev’s artistic talents have taken another direction working as a Kitchen Designer. While always continuing to paint, Bev never quite found enough time to follow her passion…painting.

Painting full time now, Bev finds herself more fulfilled and motivated than ever.  Finding inspiration in capturing the light as it hits flowers in the gardens around her, the movement and light of the everchanging ocean, lakes, and skies and of the beautiful Island where she lives or wherever she travels.

Currently, Bev enjoys realism and representative painting, in both Acrylic and Oils.  Bev has a new energy for her work and is discovering and learning new techniques in her continuing journey.

Painting is what I love to do, it feeds my soul. Being able to paint on a regular basis gives me the opportunity to explore and discover the artist that has been waiting inside of me all these years. As I finish one painting, there is always another painting in my mind, just waiting to be created .I love finding the light in the painting that make it come alive. My goal is to evoke a special memory or feelings, from the viewer, so they feel they have seen that before.