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Shelley Wuitchik - Gratitude I

Shelley Wuitchik

Gratitude I

Encaustic / Mixed Media


Original encaustic, wax, resin pigment painting on board, framed

Size (H x W x D)
10" X 10" X 2"

Encaustic means to burn. The Greeks used to use it to caulk the hulls of their ships. The Egyptians resurrected the craft to render exquisite portraits and decorate mummies. Shelley Wuitchik uses it to tell a story…an early morning dog walk may transpire into layers of Japanese maple leaves, coffee beans, and arbutus bark onto a canvas of pigment infused beeswax. Shelley believes her art mirrors her life. Rich, colorful, layered. Shelley loves encaustic it for its’ immediacy and deliberateness. Yet it remains malleable and forgiving, just like the people (and dog) in her life.