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Monica Maya


Fibre Art / Mixed Media


Merino wool, silk, metal ring. This piece is a celebration of happiness experienced through an ocean of emotions, finding the balance and beauty when we embrace them in a simple way of acceptance of what it is. Life is full of movement and we are full of emotions. We can navigate with patience and grace through any emotion that arises on us.

Size (H x W x D)
49" X 31" X 2"
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Monica Maya is a talented fiber artist specializing in felt designs that are a fusion of Latin American representations with that of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Monica – having been born and raised in Mexico City – is steeped in the natural ways, rhythms and life cycles of her previous home. Ever since she was a young girl, Monica exhibited a passionate embrace for unique art and creative design that has painted her path as an exceptional transnational artist. Monica subsequently honed her artistic vision having studied graphic design at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) in Mexico City. Shortly after graduating Monica entered the field professionally and quickly launched her family-oriented art productions that ultimately centered on hand-painted silk artworks. As the lead designer Monica’s artistic vision soon expanded when her family moved to Vancouver Island in 2006. The new influences of coastal rain forests of the North Pacific were increasingly blended with the formative experience of the vibrant warmer climes of her youth. Here was the catalyst for not only a new passion but a uniquely different form of handcrafted art that became the artistic blending of two worlds.

Over the years Monica has continued to explore this creative fusion of two worlds using a combination of simple and natural materials such as wool, silk, soap and water. Always ready for a challenge, she has applied her exceptional talents to everything from scarfs to cowls, garments to jewelry, and has recently expanded her range of creative endeavours to include striking creations such as larger wall art productions that now grace homes both here and abroad. In all her designs one immediately detects the warmth and vibrant colours influenced by Mexican culture deftly mixed and weaved with the clear and simple designs inspired by her love of the natural world – and more particularly, the rain-forested lands of her new home.