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Brenda Walker - 101 Holly St

Brenda Walker

101 Holly St

Encaustic / Mixed Media


Original encaustic artwork, wax, resin, nails, wood.

Size (H x W x D)
9" X 4" X 2"

Since I can remember, I have been a “self proclaimed” artist. Whatever the medium, I have dabbled in it. Whatever supplies are required, I own them. Whatever there is to learn, I am the keen and willing student. Learning and growing, as an artist, fascinates me and propels me forward with great enthusiasm.Encaustic painting has captured my heart and soul! From the smell of the molten beeswax to the magical way that it fuses together. Layers upon layers of translucent color and texture. I love how the wax can be sculpted, scraped and gouged. It is perfect for layering found objects such as string, bark, fabric and paper. It is mesmerizing how the heat from my torch can turn the solid wax surface into a liquified state. There is nothing like watching it puddle and swirl, and then within minutes of cooling, return to it’s solid state. Appearing totally different than when I started. Most of my paintings start out as one idea and end up transforming into something totally different. I have found that my best work comes when I allow the beeswax to tell me what it wants to become!Nature has always been my muse. My style is simplistic and representational of my own visual and emotional experiences. My goal is to engage the viewer, have them get lost in the layers and textures of the wax. To strike a chord, perhaps stimulating happy thoughts of the past and memories that make them smile.I currently reside on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. I can be found, most days, painting with beeswax in my studio/gallery.

“I devour nature ceaselessly. I exaggerate, sometimes I make changes in the subject; but still I don’t invent the whole picture. On the contrary, I find it already there. It’s a question of picking out what one wants from nature.” (Vincent van Gogh)