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Christi York - Cotinus and Fern

Christi York

Cotinus and Fern



Original Botanical Print is a one of a kind monoprint. As they are original pieces, not reproductions; you can expect to see natural ripples in the paper (from the water & heat process), as well as debossed areas from leaf ribs & stems into the paper. These marks and imprints are to be cherished as part of the process. Each wooden panel is finished with furniture grade acrylic wax and an anti-UV spray. Regular light dusting should keep your artwork clean.

Size (H x W x D)
6" X 6" X 2"

Christi York combines traditional weaving methods with a contemporary approach. She harvests and processes all of her own natural materials in and around her home on Vancouver Island, BC.​With a background in both graphic and jewelry design, York’s work naturally flows towards mixed media, with botanical material and imagery always front and centre.​Inspired by the overwhelming complexity of plant life on earth, she invites people to pause and re-consider the seemingly humble nature of plant material.

"Foraging for materials within the seasons, my work is quite literally tied to the cycle of the natural world. Basketmaking has a communal history in nearly every culture on the planet. When I weave, I feel linked to this collective history of civilization; a time when we had respect and a deep generational knowledge about the self sustaining systems of the earth."