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Alison Cuthill - Mint Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Alison Cuthill

Mint Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Jewellry / Rings


Oval cut mint tourmaline 1.77 ct with diamond accents, sterling silver setting, sz6.5

Size (H x W x D)

Cut & Hill Jewellery Co. strives to bring you totally unique, never duplicated, jewellery that is created with passion and purpose; timeless, luxurious designs…with a twist! The combination of precious and semi-precious gemstones, with the vintage elegance of pearls, the “Queen of Gems”, allows for the juxtaposition of classic and trendy.The creative mind behind Cut & Hill Jewellery Co. is Alison Cuthill.  It was 11 years ago that Alison started creating bespoke jewellery for friends and family.  From this hobby-turned-obsession, Cut & Hill Jewellery Co. was founded with the genuine desire to create honest, inspiring jewellery for all women.Since being given her grandmother’s natural pearl necklace for her 21st birthday and hearing the story of how the Japanese women pearl divers, “AMA”, dove for the pearls in this necklace, Alison has remained fascinated by pearls.  This fascination is exemplified in her Cut & Hill Jewellery where pearls are prevalent in her collections.  Perfection in pearls, however, does not seem to be the goal of nature and, for Alison, the overall beauty of a pearl is often founds in its irregularities: “The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.” – Havelock Ellis

“At age 13 I sold my Lego to buy my first pearl ring!  I wore it every day:to school, at the weekends with jeans and a T-shirt, baking with my mum, and even fishing with my dad.  This is how I feel jewellery should be worn;  no boundaries, no societal expectations, no judgements.  Jewellery is an extension of self; it’s a licence to express personality!” – Alison Cuthill