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The human spirit and the splendor of nature endlessly inspire contemporary artist, Wendy Oppelt. Born and raised in Edmonton, AB, Oppelt found her way to Victoria, BC, via Calgary, Vancouver, and Adelaide, AUS. She grew up in a home full of artistic expression. Her father, a bigger than life character, was a professional artist and performer. The family home was an ever-changing canvas with murals on the walls and a yard highly decorated with flowers, sculpture and paintings. It was shortly after the passing of her father in 2009 when Wendy picked up her father’s brushes and began to explore her joy and grief. Her first piece of work was accepted into the Sidney Fine Arts Show.

Wendy’s work celebrates life. Her artistic style is expressive, using vibrant color and strong composition. Her use of textured acrylic creates stunning contrasts of bright and dark shades emphasized by a glass like finish making her pieces shine like pure sun. Ever impulsive, bright, and whimsical, her artwork reflects the vibrant colours of her soul. There’s an integrity and honesty captured in each piece that will inspire a sense of wonder and exploration in her viewers and collectors.

When she’s not in her studio, Wendy can be found cycling, walking the beach with her family, or writing her next short story. She is always expanding her media or technique, and is perpetually inspired by the beauty of her surroundings.


Wendy Oppelt - Enjoy the Ride

Wendy Oppelt

Enjoy the Ride

Painting / Acrylic 24" X 24" X 2" $850
Wendy Oppelt - Elegance

Wendy Oppelt


Painting / Acrylic 24" X 8" X 2" $450
Wendy Oppelt - Morning Light

Wendy Oppelt

Morning Light

Painting / Acrylic 24" X 8" X 2" $450
Wendy Oppelt - How Sweet it Is

Wendy Oppelt

How Sweet it Is

Painting / Acrylic 24" X 8" X 2" $450
Wendy Oppelt - Red is Best

Wendy Oppelt

Red is Best

Painting / Acrylic 24" X 8" X 2"
Wendy Oppelt - Spring Fling

Wendy Oppelt

Spring Fling

Painting / Acrylic 14" X 11" X 2"

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