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Nature holds a special place in my heart, as do animals. They are constant sources of inspiration for my work. Through painting, I seek to express aspects of the emotional connections we have to nature and animals. Living on an island off the coast of Vancouver, I feel very connected to the land and sea around me. The local seascapes inspire me in many ways. For me they capture a time and place that is both personal and familiar. Often, they will suggest a narrative, or story if you will. In my process, I usually sketch in charcoal first, to roughly work out an idea for a painting, working directly onto the canvas, occasionally referring to my photos. While painting, I will often have a fleeting thought, from a walk or a dream, that will bring me further insight for the painting. Painting allows me time each day to pause and reflect on what is most meaningful to me. I like to think that by painting the beauty of what I feel for so deeply, I can create moods for others to reflect on and enjoy. This is the true spirit of my work.


Vikki Fuller - Rosie

Vikki Fuller


Painting / Oil 36" X 36" X 2" $1650
Vikki Fuller - Ram

Vikki Fuller


Painting / Oil 36" X 36" X 2"

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