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Phyllis has devoted herself to painting since 1996. Her earlier artistic endeavors included pottery and weaving, interspersed during careers in education and as the co-owner of a retail clothing business. A graduate of the University of Alberta, she also studied art at Red Deer College, Alberta College of Art and Design, University of Calgary, Metchosin international Summer School for the Arts and numerous workshops. Phyllis has been represented by galleries in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Waterton. Her art is held in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States and Britain. Phyllis and her husband Keith migrated from Alberta to Vancouver Island in 2003, where they enjoy semi-retirement and a convenient base for travels from their home in Saanich.


I delight in playing with colour and light which give me the motivation to paint the familiar from my personal perspective. The bold application of colour over an intense underpainting is my approach to each canvas.

I've been influenced by the Impressionists, who first interpreted the familiar by making subtle artistic suggestions. My favoured subject matters range from spectacular vistas of seas and skies, lakes, rolling foothills and rugged mountains, to more gentle images of reflective water, wildflowers and still life.

During my travels from sea to sea to sea in Canada, and beyond, I have sketched and photographed the places I have been and the colours I have seen. These images, from the farm landscapes of my youth to the magnificent colours and shapes of the wider world provide ongoing inspiration for my paintings.

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