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As an abstract artist I aspire to convey nature beyond the limits of realism, to reflect an inner state that seems directly connected to the act of creativity. Born in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada calling Victoria home for many years I've held an eternal fascination of nature in particular its' rhythms, patterns and cycles, along with its' realm of human interlopers. I determinedly paint my perceptions of those moments of transitions, the mood of that ageless, mysterious life underneath, evoking the haunting feeling of things we've seen but only dimly remember, something intangible that endures. What interest me most is to allow the process of painting to take over, to be free in spirit, constantly pushing the boundaries to create compelling distincitve images. All in all I strive to capture the ephemeral quality held in nature, revealing my daily impressions of the fleeting moments of life. First showing of paintings was in 2004, with solo and group shows on going from 2006 through 2013. My works are in private collections of Japan, Portugal, across North America and a corporation.


April Ponsford - Rhapsody

April Ponsford


Painting / Acrylic 24" X 36" X 2" $1600 Inquire about Availability
April Ponsford - Inside and Beyond

April Ponsford

Inside and Beyond

Painting / Acrylic 26" X 17" X 2"

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