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Sandy Blass

The journey into life as a full-time artist has had its twists and turns but I have come to a place where I am convinced of my purpose, passionate about what I do and how I work, and willing to take the risks for this amazing adventure.

I am interested in evoking the natural spiritual beauty of the environment in which I am immersed. Painting and art-making for me is a fundamental part of my spiritual journey. While my work is by no means limited to landscape, diversions from this subject are largely further studies into the interplay of basic artistic elements as a means of spiritual expression.

Watercolour paints are the medium I flourish in. It is the tool through which I best express myself visually. After a few attempts with other tools over the years, such as oils and acrylics, this is where I know my work is meant to go. Watercolours are my first love and the medium for my language. They have a long path within art history and many well-known artists have turned to them again and again.

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