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Featured Artist - Kylee Turunen
  • 28 September 2020

Customer Photo Event

Customer Submitted photos turned into original paintings

This month we will be doing something a little different and fun in addition to the usual fun we have setting up a new show 😃.

I thought I’d give you a little background first as to how this idea came to be... Last Christmas (as a gift for my husband) I had one of our very talented artists (Lisa Hebden) do a painting in memory of our beloved little Yorkie Kiwi 🐶 As you can see from the before and after below, it turned out amazing and my husband loved it! After showing our little painting to several people, a few of them suggested this would be a fun thing to offer our customers.

So, after conferring with a good client, a few staff and the above mentioned talented artist (Lisa Hebden) that’s what we did! In June we sent out an “exclusive email” to our mailing list asking our clients to submit their favourite photo for the opportunity to have it turned into a work of art by one of our many talented artists. The fun then began! We received beautiful photos of beloved pets, childhood memories, holiday moments and many more!

Over the next few days we’ll show you some of the photos submitted, why it was a favourite, along with the artists interpretation of that photo (follow our social media below for the latest).

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, our artists did a beautiful job. No Surprise! 😍 On a personal level this event has been an amazing experience! From viewing the photos and the beautiful stories that came along with them, to the artists who loved the idea from the word go, but especially the excitement from our clients who’s photos were chosen by one of our artists 😍 This has been a bright light in an otherwise extraordinary and challenging year!

Here are a few of the submissions, the story that came with the submission and the artist's painting

This photo represents 2 dear young faces, both of whom I love very much. It is so nice to have them captured on canvas where I can see them several times a day, instead of forgetting this moment because it is hidden on my ipad. Meanwhile, they grow and change, and the moment is forgotten.

Artist: Lisa Hebden

This photo is of our beloved 14-year-old dog, Gizmo. It perfectly captures his loving personality and sweet face.

Artist: Rose Cowles

"Lucky" our eight year old West Highland Terrier (Westie) who was rescued when he was a small pup. In this photo, Lucky is catching kelp at the beach - his favourite pastime. He is also a nap enthusiast and is always on squirrel patrol.

Artist: Janet Anderson

When I was a child, we had a unique travel experience in Barbados. I loved it and was incredibly sad to leave thinking I would never return. When I finally did return, more than 50 years later, I was lucky enough to get this shot and it means so much to me!

Artist: Lisa Hebden

On our last trip to Paris we went to Choux Odette, it is a quintessential patisserie located steps away from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris’ 5th arrondissement. The Café au lait was the best!

Artist: Allison Brodie

This photo is from my childhood home in Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I took this photo a couple of years ago in the springtime. I was camping at Brady’s beach and took a walk down to the west side boardwalk while the flowers were in bloom. This is one of my favourite photos because it captures the brightness, lightness, and joy I feel and see when I return to Bamfield. The buildings, dock, boardwalk, and ocean are all reminders of my family, friends, and childhood.

Artist: Allison Brodie

I chose this photo because I have had many cats, but this one in particular, has really captured my heart. She was a surrender (I have no idea why because she is a happy, gentle, spunky yet sweet girl that is full of personality. I would love to have a painting of her.

Artist: Bev Robertson

I wanted to capture the morning sun. The little stem was a rescue from my flowerpot that got hit with heavy rain and hail. I didn’t think a couple of the little buds would open, but they did! I have included 2 photos of the same stem...taken one after the other to show a different angle

Artist: Allison Brodie

Mia is our one-year old French Bulldog. We have had dogs in the past, having owned three pugs who passed away almost one after another about 7 years ago. It was a long process to decide to invest our hearts into another member of the family, but we investigated types of dogs we were interested in, and we visited the dog park in Victoria every day we are there, in order to see what temperaments and spirit each type of dog possesses. We found out quickly that we enjoyed French Bulldogs independence, energy, and pure joy of living. Each one, while individual, seems to have a joy about them that is contagious. On the day, our Mia was born, we were excited to see the pictures of her at the Vet, and the were lucky enough to follow her first 10 weeks of development via the Internet. We got to visit her when she was five weeks old, prior to being able to bring her home, and we fell in love so quickly with our new little girl. As you can see from this picture, Mia is beautiful. We are lucky enough to own our Business, and we bring her to work every day and share her with our Employees, and Customers who walk in. Her personality is so perfect, we cannot imagine a better friend to spend our lives with. Mia is energetic, social, intelligent, and quick to please. She is so social, that we let her spend at least a couple of days a month at Doggy Daycare, where she is loved by the Owners of that facility, and is described as a perfect guest, always willing to play with the other dogs, and yet knowing social boundaries. We could never have imagine being able to share our lives with such a perfect new member of the Family.

Artist: Eloise Dumas

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