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Kim Hollingsworth

Kim was born in North Vancouver to parents Phyllis and Fred Thornton Hollingsworth ( Architect), and that is where it all began. Kim's parents fostered artistic development in all three of their children and their modest home was open for evenings of intellectual exchange and ideas with artists and innovative thinkers of the time. Her family home was adorned with contemporary art of the period and the family aesthetic became a style all of its own, a product of shared artistic experiences, heavily influenced by Japonisme and all forms of  art and design. Kim's pond series is a cumulation of years of observation while floating on bodies of water, in the interior of BC and on Vancouver Island, and countless hours under the paintbrush, bringing the natural world to a form that her clients enjoy in their homes. For the past 33 years Kim has been quietly working away, as a drawing and painting teacher, sharing the gift that her parents gave her.