Having spent years travelling across Canada, photographing our National and Provincial parks,as well as wilderness areas, Cheryl came away with a glimpse of the profound connection between ourselves and our environment, and the passion to explore it further.Born in Montreal, Cheryl also lived many years in the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships near the Vermont border. Moving to BC in 2015, she now calls Saltspring Island home. Aided by her experiences as a massage therapist, graphic designer and illustrator, Cheryl allows herself to get carried away by the language of shape and form with her oil paintings. Drawing on her photos as a reference for recall, she endeavours to speak of the creative force she felt in a particular place in time.

The Land Speaks to me. Sometimes in fury, but often in a whisper that I strain to hear.It speaks of the power that births a mountain, and tumbles glaciers into the sea.It tells me I am not alone in this, that I am not a stranger to the breath that weaves forever in and out of everything.

Cheryl Long
Cheryl Long - Yellow Flower with HeartCheryl Long
Yellow Flower with Heart
30" X 30"
Cheryl Long - Potential Cheryl Long
20" X 20"
Cheryl Long - Driftwood on Pukaskwa Cheryl Long
Driftwood on Pukaskwa
24" X 30"
Cheryl Long - Neys Gold Beach (Lake Superior)Cheryl Long
Neys Gold Beach (Lake Superior)
36" X 36"

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